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Client Testimonials

"I cannot recommend Paul enough. He has been so incredibly helpful with not only doing my taxes, but giving me plenty of information and resources for all of my questions as a new independent contractor. My work situation is a bit unique, but Paul handled my situation thoughtfully and with ease. Before I worked with Paul I felt confused and nervous about tackling my taxes and organization of documents, but since then I feel completely at ease and confident moving forward. I will be working with Paul for a very long time. He goes above and beyond, and is a master at his trade. Highly recommend."

-Alyssa B., Travel Blogger & Social Media Manager,, Danvers, MA

"I opened a letter from the IRS last week to learn that a complex tax matter that Paul Lysan had appealed on my behalf was resolved in my favor. I was thrilled (it saved me several thousand dollars!), but I wasn't surprised. Paul had taken no shortcuts in preparing that appeal. He used case law and precedent, a cogent narrative explanation, and a mound of supporting material to convince the IRS of his stance. What's more, Paul has the ability to explain complicated tax matters to a layperson like me, and as a result, help me be more in control of my finances. As I've told several other people I've referred to Paul's services, he's trustworthy, professional, patient, and personable- an uncommon combination."

-Lisa Mullins, Arlington, MA

"I had not filed taxes in 3 years and I was scared. Paul explained to me that it's like a game. They, the IRS, are not out to get you (he must have read my mind). You just need to know the rules and then you can play the game well. He not only set my mind at ease but also found tax refunds in places I would have never looked. Thanks to Paul I no longer worry about taxes or the IRS and I'm a little richer. Paul is a rare iindividual that actually loves his work and thank the gods he's very good at it."

-Alicia Smith, Jamaica Plain, Ma

"I had the IRS breathing down my neck and ready to take everything from me. Paul was great. He delt with the IRS directly on my behalf and got the IRS off my back and helped me establish an affordable payment plan with them. I have stayed with Paul ever since and have not had any further problems with the IRS. I know that he is in my corner and I would not trust my taxes with anyone eles. I'm glad I found him."

-Douglas, Eames

"I use Paul for both my personal and business taxes. I have used many other accountants for other companies that I have worked in and I find Paul to be the best I've worked with. Fast, reliable and he really is passionate about his work and being up on the latest tax law changes. My company was audited last year by the IRS and Paul guided us through it so expertly being both helpful but assertive with our IRS agent that we received one of the rare NC (No change) filings - meaning everything had been done correctly and the IRS could find nothing incorrect. I would highly recommend Paul, without reservation, for either personal or business tax and accounting work."

-Stephen Smith, Wakefield, MA

"Just a quick note to let you know that your services are greatly appreciated! To anyone considering a professional tax accountant you would be very wise to avail yourselves of Mr. Lysan's services. I was referred by a colleague who had retained Paul and was extremely satisfied. I made the call, and set up an appointment. It was probably the best decision I have made in years. Paul's expertise and experience in the field is absolutely top-notch. He was able to save my wife and I a lot of stress and ultimately a lot of money. And his advice on financial matters is really something that anyone and everyone should endeavor to employ. We could not be happier to have found Mr. Lysan. If you are considering whether or not to seek counsel in matters of taxes and/or finance you should absolutely do yourself and your family a favor and give him a call. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Finances and taxes are not something to be taken lightly, and you want someone with his knowledge and experience on your side. Thank you so much, Paul. Our family is very grateful. We look forward to employing your services in the years to come."

-Gley Olsson, Boston

"My brother Daniel and I started up our business in March 2012. We did a Google search for a local CPA that could help us with our business - as we had NO IDEA what we were doing. We are so thankful that we found Paul Lysan. From start to finish, he guided us through all of the tax jargon, answered all of our MANY questions and made sure that we understood the process. He offered us fantastic business advice and we really feel as though he went above and beyond what was expected of him. We are left with the feeling that Paul is totally in our corner. He cares about our company and he wants to see us succeed. He, along with his associate Lynn, left no stone unturned when it came to making sure we got the best tax refunds possible. I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for an outstanding CPA!"

-Shannon Espinosa, Boston Furniture Design, Peabody, MA

"The many avenues of the Federal and State tax system are indeed vast and, at times, seemingly uncharted. They are perhaps daunting to persons who do not have an aptitude for keeping the numbers in order and plugging in the figures. This dilemma is especially true if one has had a variety of incomes and businesses subject to gains and losses. I was referred to Paul Lysan by a trusted colleague who had similar issues with multiple years of incomplete tax returns. Mr. Lysan is incredibly professional and personable, and this combination allows one to understand how the system works so that he never makes his clients feel alienated from the end result. My experiences with Paul have been very enlightening, to the point where I am no longer fearful of working with the US income tax system. My understanding of how the IRS works, and is motivated, has also increased. Thank you, Paul, for helping me get back on the map with my income tax outlook. Your knowledge and firm understanding of account matters is amazing, and I am very grateful to have worked with you."

-Peter D Rubijono, Service Mechanic, Portland, OR

"Superb service, not only with tax preparation but also Paul alerted me about money belonging to me held by the Massachusetts Abandoned Property Division that I did not know about. Paul's customized service exceeded my past experiences with H&R Block with a substantionally lower fee. I plan to refer my daugher and son-in-law next year."

-Jean Blastos, Peabody, MA

"'I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on our annual 401(K) Audit for the last three years. Paul's professionalism, and expertise, helped to make all of our audits run smooth. Paul went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was taken care of. If given the chance, I would definitely utilize Paul for future projects and he comes highly recommended by myself and my staff."

-Robert Garcia, Corporate Controller, Midland Hotel Corp, Peabody, MA

"I thought I was good at doing my own taxes for my small business until I met Paul Lysan, CPA. Current on the latest updates to the tax code, Paul instantly saw deductions that I never would have known about. Not only did he save me a bundle in 2010, he offered to correct all the mistakes I had made on my tax return the previous year, netting me a return of several times the fee I paid to him. Paul knows his stuff. He's your one-stop financial guru. I now advise all my friends and colleagues to hire him."

-John Patten, Edu-Marketing Copywriter, Peabody, Massachusetts

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