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Compilations, Reviews, & Certified Audits

Types of Services

We offer three distinct services involving financial statements, depending on the client. Each is designed to meet a different need.


For small, privately held entities that need help in preparing their financial statements, a Compilation is used.


For entities that must report their financial positions to third parties, such as creditors or regulatory agencies, a review may be adequate. Reviewed financial statements may also be useful to business owners who are not actively involved in managing their companies.


Entities that must offer a higher level of assurance to outside parties require an audit. An unqualified opinion from a CPA after an audit provides reasonable assurance to outside parties that the entity's financial statements fairly present its financial position and results of operation in accordance with certain accounting principles.

Our Services

We provide financial statement compilations, reviews, audits, and other attest services to a range of large and small businesses - both publicly owned and privately held - in a variety of industries.

Our Success

Our success in this area stems not only from the technical proficiency of our staff, but also from the utilization of the latest in accounting technology and our acute awareness of the operating environment and the accounting issues that affect the industries we serve.